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      Loggerhead the Lifestyle: Interview with Jack Lighton

      When you visit Loggerhead Marinelife Center of Jupiter, Florida, you really get a sense that there is so much more going on than just rehabilitating sea turtles for release. Upon further inspection you'll probably realize that education seems to be a driving force, initiated by the days that Eleanor Fletcher invited neighborhood kids to help her scoop up hatchlings that scampered into the road.

      As a former art educator and current marine life artist, I find so much inspiration after visiting each and every time. I am in awe of the staff and volunteers, and I thought it was time to share some of LMC's stories, stages, facts, and plastic-free initiatives with you all through this interview. Jack Lighton, President and CEO explains that "the sea turtle tells the health of the ocean," and takes us on a journey of understanding why (whether the sea turtle is your spirit animal or not) we need to look closely at them to know what to do next.

      I broke the interview into 3 parts below; Loggerhead the Lifestyle, Simple Solutions, and Then and Now. Please comment with any questions or ideas, or feel free to contact LMC. You can also plan your visit through their website.

      Part 1: Loggerhead the Lifestyle

      Part 2: Simple Solutions

      Part 3: Then and Now


      Small Business Saturday Highlight: One World- Zero Waste

      Small Business Saturday Highlight: One World- Zero Waste
      For this year's Small Business Saturday I asked my friends, Elana and Stephen Smith, at One World- Zero Waste if they would be willing to interview with me. If you have been following along with my plastic-free Thursdays on Instagram, you know they have been featured many times, especially when I was first starting out. I was learning the basics, and have been sharing everything with you as I continue to learn, but it really all started for me there.

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      Painting for Hog Snappers Shack and Sushi Restaurant

      Painting for Hog Snappers Shack and Sushi Restaurant

      It was such a pleasure painting for and getting to know this awesome couple, and I wanted to share how they have been working toward an Eco-friendly dining experience. Hog Snappers is one of the first to be a part of Loggerhead Marinelife Center's Blue Table program. There are certain criteria to be apart of the pilot program like, no plastic bags to go, silverware and straws only upon request, etc. but these owners took it above and beyond! In the video, you'll see how they have been raising the bar for all local restaurants and inspiring so many people throughout Palm Beach County in doing so! The Florida Night Octopus original is on display at the restaurant, but you can purchase a print in several different sizes over in the shop.


      "Ocean as Canvas" at the Palm Beach Gardens City Hall (Virtual Tour)


      I thought it might be fun to share a little behind the scenes of setting up an exhibition (video above).

      Then... we decided to take it to the next level, because we do that sometimes... Check out our FIRST VIRTUAL REALITY TOUR of an art show!
      For those of you new to VR (That's Virtual Reality),  you can click the arrows to navigate, (similar to google street view) and then click the information icons if you would like learn more about a specific work of art. You are linked directly to my website to even be able to purchase on the spot if you'd like! If you are more advanced, and have a VR headset of your own, click the VR icon in the top left and put your head set on!

      Please let us know what you think in the comments or email me, This is an exciting new way to share my work with all of you, and I think it's a fun way for you to shop online if you aren't local to the show. My husband, Teddy, is the brains behind this new venture, and we are excited to see what opportunities this media will bring. If you want to learn more about how Virtual Reality and 360 photography can increase your business success, feel free to email Teddy at

      I am so grateful for this opportunity with the City of Palm Beach Gardens, thanks to their Gardens Art Program. Here is some more information about their love of public art from the city website:

      Due to the efforts of a dedicated Art in Public Places Advisory Board, which is a city advisory board supported by the City Council, public art thrives in Palm Beach Gardens. As businesses grow and prosper, so does the appeal of this public, accessible art. The city is proud to present our fondest treasures.

      For more information about the Art in Public Places program please contact the Planning and Zoning Division 561-799-4243.

      Learn more about the Gardens Art program that the city hosts for local artists.


      Additional links for all pieces in the show:

      1. "Mommy and Me Manatees" Original 24"x72"- $1,600 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      2. "Swordfish Snacking" Original 24"x72"- $1,600 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      3. "Midnight Snack" Original 30"x40"- $1,250 (oil pastel on nautical chart)
      4. "WPB Octopus" Canvas Print 30"x40"- $325 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      5. "Melbourne Flamingo" Canvas Print 30x40"- $325 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      6. "Mahi Madness" Canvas Print 24"x72"- $450 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      7. "Lights Out Turtle" Canvas Print 30"x40"- $325 (oil pastel on nautical chart)
      8. "Historic Florida" Canvas Print 30"x40"- $325 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      9. "Pelican Flight" Framed Print 24"x72"- $725 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      10. "Keys Mermaid" Framed Print 18"x24"- $175 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      11. “WPB Turtle” Framed Print 18"x24"- $175 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      12. “Florida Octopus” Framed Print 18"x24"- $175 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      13. "Florida Seahorses" Framed Print 18"x24"- $175 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      14. "King and Queen" Framed Print 18"x24"- $175 (watercolor on nautical chart)
      15. "Spoonbill and Snook" Framed Print 18"x24" $175 (watercolor on nautical chart)






      We went to Tavernier in the Florida Keys, and rented a beautiful house on the water that accommodated 8 adults, 7 kids (6 and under), and 2 boats... Needless to say, we had the time of our lives... Besides being able to fish or lobster everyday, being able to eat it all in the most delicious ways possible was such a treat!

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