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      Week 2 HUGE Inventory Sale: Crustaceans

      Week 2 HUGE Inventory Sale: Crustaceans
      Let's get you laughing to start your day off. Here's a joke:
      I just got done watching 3 movies about tiny crustaceans... it was a krillogy! Ok, maybe I should just stick with the fun facts...

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      The end of an Era and HUGE Inventory Sale!

      The end of an Era and HUGE Inventory Sale!

      Closing a Chapter...

      I can't believe it's been 10 years since I began painting on nautical charts! I went from local art league shows to popular outdoor art festivals across the state. From temporary exhibitions to having an original in The Boynton Beach City Hall's permanent collection. Some of the nautical chart paintings are displayed in every room of the Pelican Grand Hotel and I've heard sightings of the Water Leggings across the country (most recently all the way out in Park City, Utah).

      Throughout all these changes, I actually never changed my pricing for paper prints... I know, crazy. I'm not increasing them today either! In fact, I'm about to give you the steepest discount on prints in the history of this business...

      So, what is changing? Well, I've decided as I focus on homeschooling and painting commissions again (more on that next week), I won't be doing art shows for awhile. I also have a new set up with my long time printer, Photo Canvas Arts, to print and ship right as your orders come in. Some of you have received these prints already. They aren't part of the numbered editions of the past, which is why they are going to stay the same price instead of increasing. These are open editions with a printed signature.

      The personally signed and numbered prints have just increased in value because of this change. However, I have hundreds in my house and no reason to hang on to them without any upcoming shows, so...

      That leads us to this HUGE SALE, actually SALES. Here's how it will work:

      Every Friday for the next 9 weeks, I'll be selling the prints I have left in inventory by subject. Today we'll start with sea turtles! While there might be many types of turtle prints left, there aren't many of each. You will need to act fast to get the one you want. For example, there are only 3 of the 11"x4" Lights Out Turtle prints (above), and only 10 of the 18"x24". There will also be some prints I found in storage that I thought were out of edition or have never been available online before. You have the next 3 days to grab the ones you want from the list below. After the sale is over, the inventory on my website will be replenished, but these are no longer personally signed and numbered.

      Use code TURTLESALE for 35% off. You read that right, 35% from now until Sunday Night.

      I hope you get the pieces you've always wanted and stock up on great Christmas presents for your loved ones at the same time!

      On Sale 10/13-15:

      Lights Out Turtle
      West Palm Beach Turte
      New Smyrna Beach Turtle
      Surfer and Turtles
      Texas Turtle
      Venice Turtle
      Murrel's Inlet Turtle
      Anna Maria Turtle
      East Coast Family
      Boca Hatchling
      Northeast Turtle
      Costa Rica Turtles
      Mahi Turtle
      Mom and Baby
      Trinidad Baby
      Pigeon Key Turtle
      Saint Petersburg Turtle
      Bahamas Turtle
      Florida Turtles
      Eluethera Turtles
      Cape Canaveral
      Jupiter Babies
      Jupiter Lighthouse Artist Proofs
      Jupiter Turtle Artist Proofs
      Palm Beach Turtle Artist Proofs

      And for an added bonus, I'll include a fun fact about each creature that I've learned recently from homeschooling. (My math skills are really improving too- I'm currently at a third grade level, ha ha).

      Did you know that the green sea turtle got its name because its fat is green?! Even though they begin their lives as an omnivore, they become mostly herbivorous. They eat so much greens their fat turns green... wonder if veggies do the same to us?

      See you in the water,

      Small Business Saturay: The Reef Institute

      Small Business Saturay: The Reef Institute

      Happy Small Business Saturday, Friends! I'm so happy to introduce this year's small business, The Reef Institute! As many of you have read in my recent emails, I am donating part of the profits of all of my Loggerhead Sea Turtle classic totes and sandwich baggies for the month of December. I hope you enjoy learning more about all of their great programs today and consider donating in the many ways mentioned or through the purchase of a bag.

      Thank you, Mo Belanger, for representing The Reef Institute today!

      Tell us a little bit about Reef Institute and how it started.

      While I have only had the honor of being apart of this organization for a year, The Reef Institute (TRI) was founded in 2016 as “Healthy Aquatics Marine Institute of Florida”  with a goal of improving ocean health while teaching students to care about their environment. In 2018, with the reality of Florida’s coral reefs in severe decline, Healthy Aquatics changed its name and identity to “The Reef Institute.” It was a natural change since the decision had already been made to move the organization towards coral conservation. The Reef Institute is on a mission of coral conservation through education, research and restoration. Our audacious vision is simple: We save the ocean. To do this, we believe we must start with saving our coral. Located in the Northwood District of West Palm Beach,TRI believes we  must take a multifaceted approach of treating education, research and restoration equally. Our education endeavors reach over 9,000 people annually.  As part of the Florida Coral Rescue Project, we are holding over 140 colonies of rescued coral.  Our restoration efforts involve rearing juvenile corals that will be used to repopulate the ocean.  Currently, TRI stands as the singular coral conservation non-profit with a focus on Palm Beach County first, and the Caribbean beyond.

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      The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

      The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

      Gifts for people who have everything:

      I'm cutting right to the chase here. How do we buy presents for people who already have everything?! Thoughtful, reusable items are always the way to go...

      The Nesting Turtle Wine Tote could even be given with two nice bottles of wine already in it... (COMING SOON)

      Seat Turtle Luggage Tags are a great way to personalize their luggage now that people are a little more mobile again.

      This Hatchling Apple Watch Band made from Vegan Leather can be worn every day or with certain outfits.

      An Ice Cream Bean Tree from Incredible Edible Landscapes is a very unique and delicious gift.


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      Artovida's Renaissance Engine

      Artovida's Renaissance Engine

      Happy Fall, friends! I know I'm not the only one who has been busy reinventing themselves throughout the last year and a half. Even though things are still far from normal, I feel like the old is falling away and the new will be even more beautiful. What about you?

      "An artist cannot fail: it is a success just to be one."
      - Charles Horton Colley

      Within the last several months, I've been keenly aware of the struggles of artists as business owners. My own struggles, but especially those just starting out. If it wasn't for all of you and your support, I know I wouldn't be where I am today. You've seen me through the last 8 years of successes and obstacles, and a great  opportunity to mentor others on their own journeys has recently come up.

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