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      Artovida Collective

      Artovida Collective


        "I'm thrilled to be a brand partner with Artovida Collective. I have been one of their participating artists for years, but love the new direction they are going with Renaissance Engine. Together we are working to support emerging and growing artists to reach their full potential as creators and small business owners." ~ Carly Mejeur


      Artovida - A Partnership with Artists Around the World

      We have always been lovers of great art at Artovida, so we built that into our product and business model. Our company was built upon an idea that collaboration allows us to make something better than we ever could make on our own. We connect with amazing artists and creative people around the world to help bring their talents, creativity, craftsmanship and cultures together to produce innovative and quality products that are sustainable.

      Artovida Artists Collective

      We go way beyond simply paying artists royalties to use their artwork for products. Featured artists in this collective own their own “functional art” products that are co-branded with Artovida. Your purchase of these Artovida products helps support artists through our signature system called Renaissance Engine, in which we actively partner with “Impact Artists” who want to build a successful art career while having a positive impact in our world. Artists in our collective give back to charities and causes that they are compassionate about.

      Artists Giving Back

      We are proud to say that a percentage of each purchase of Carly Mejeur’s sea turtle designs goes to support the Loggerhead MarineLife Center