Cape Coral Arts and Music Festival- January 11th and 12th, 10am-5pm
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      There are three originals for sale at this time, Swordfish Snacking and Pelican Pier. Please email for more information and pricing. You can also check out the calendar to see if there will be a show near you. New originals debut at art shows throughout the season. If you have any questions about the difference between originals, commissions or limited edition prints and what they are, feel free to read this artcle. You may also email if you have any questions about a piece that you would like in a specific size, or are looking for a certain area or creature and do not see it pictured. To watch Carly in action, check out this time-lapse video!


      Please email me at for pickup, delivery and shipping information. All originals are subject to location. Please email me to schedule a pickup. 


      Delivery and shipping charges are subject to location. Please email me to schedule pickup and for any other inquiries. 

      carly mejeur swordfish

      carly mejeur original art

      carly mejeur art